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Your gift can help towards projects like a Playground,
Court, and Learning Center 

Support the Underserved Urban Youth of Houston's Greater Fifth Ward


Children deserve a safe, secure, and clean environment to be kids!

Your support will create a state-of-the-art playground, basketball court, and community learning center for the kids to play and build relationships- in an environment designed for them!


A healthy body equals a healthy mind! Free play improves kids' health, enabling each child to exercise their creativity. 

Your support will help our kids learn in the classroom and foster cooperation, growing together outside. 


Building better communities begins one step at a time! Expanding the opportunities at YDC means more engagement that will build stronger communities for children to grow. 

Your support will continue to strengthen the community around YDC, helping build a better future for Houston families.

Make a Positive Difference With a Tax-Deductible Charitable Gift.

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